"SV IceBound"


Jump on Board

We invite you on a exiting Adventure to explore the  West Coast of British Columbia on Board our Sailing Boat " IceBound",  a Saturna 33 Pilothouse. The ideal Boat to travel on this  Coast. Come with us and visit the true Coastal Wilderness,  look out for the Orkas, Wales and  for Bears. Enjoy fishing along the trips and hope to catch other Sea food. Make new friends with the other Sailors and Locals along the way.

Join the Crew

Be a part of our Crew and enjoy  the exitment of saling, the trill of catching a big Salmon or the exploring of hidden places with our dinghy.  Live the life on Board a small sailing boat and enjoy the ups and downs of traveling on the West Coast.

With our Videos we bring you our Adventure to your Home Screen

We go to Places you will not likely visit and show less traveled Destinations on the Coast and Vancouver Island.

And with our HD Videos you can enjoy the sailing journey and adventure of the "SV IceBound" at home.  

We make for many a Dream come true!

Become a member of our Crew and support our Adventure.   Only a member can truly enjoy all the behind the scene action, videos and pictures. 

We thank you for your Support

"SV IceBound"

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